Cadig Volume licensing Program

Stand-Alone License

The stand-alone license enables the purchaser to install, register, and activate an Cadig® product on several workstations using a single License Certificate.

You can install the software on the computers based on the license number you purchased.
Since only one copy of Product ID & Product Key for Volume License, so you don't need to enter different ones for each machine. Just use the same Product ID & Product Key for all computers.

The stand-alone license simplifies license management. You don't have to keep many different copies of stand-alone license.

Network License

The network license does not require you to purchase a copy of software for every workstation that might run it. You can purchase just the number of licenses you need and install the software on all workstations. The Floating License Server ensures that only a specified number of licenses are in use at any given time.

System administrator runs a license server obtaining from Cadig on any workstation within your Local Area Network (LAN). The license server is in charged for license dispatching.

End users run client software. They can get a license from the license server. After work, they can return the license to the server.

Network license has the flexibility to dispatch licenses as needed and maximize their usage.

For example, client can purchase 3~5 network licenses to server 10~15 CAD users. It all depends on how many CAD users will be using client software *concurrently*.

Local Area Network (LAN) supports TCP/IP

Cadig Floating License Server also supports Internet. But we do NOT recommend using it this way.

Q: How does the network license work?

A: When AutoCAD/MicroStation is launched, none network license is in use until you get a license manually or use the commands of our products. But if a network license is initiated, this license is being in use until this license is released manually or the user loses the connection. Or the license can be released automatically when AutoCAD/MicroStation is closed.

Network License Deployment Instructions (PDF File)

Download Cadig Floating License Server

Site License (For 50+ users)
Covers all computers based out of a single location, present and future. As your group grows, you never have to purchase additional licenses.

Corporate License (For 100+ users)
Covers all sites wholly owned by the purchasing organization, present and future. If you establish or acquire a new location, it's automatically covered.